Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet Virginia

Maria Virginia has had a lot of trials in her life, but none of that made her want to learn about the gospel. Her nephews had been baptised, her brother wants to be baptised, and her daughter was taking the discussions, so she knew about the church and it wasn´t like she had never heard the gospel before. It was one night when her trials were really weighing on her shoulders, she was in the back of the house whereas we were in the front with her daughter teaching her a discussion. Virginia was praying, Should I join the lesson? and the Book of Mormon that just so happened to be in the room suddenly fell, and there was no way that was physically possible. She joined us for the lesson, and ever since she has had an amazingly strong testimony of the Gospel.

This past Thursday, we were teaching her about the atonement and I felt inspired that we needed to sing a hymn, so I opened my hymnbook and the Spirit told me "oh toda esta bien" (Come come ye saints) so I told Virginia, this song is about members of the church who were going through a rough time. As we were singing, she started to cry. When we finished, through her tears she told us "I heard the voice of a man. I heard the voice of a man singing with you!" That´s when I started to cry, because me dio cuenta que estuve cantando con Jesucristo. I was singing with Jesus Christ.

Maria Virginia was baptized yesterday. This is the picture. She has totally changed my life and I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to serve her.

I have really learned that this work isn´t mine, all God wants me to do is to listen and follow Him and He´ll get this work done.

Press forward in the work of the Lord!

Hermana Brooks

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