Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I love this place tan muchisimo. [So much]

Pues, mi espanol no es el mejor en el mundo, pero a veces no quiero hablar en ingles por espanol se siente mejor. [Well, my Spanish is not the best en the world, but at times I do not want to speak in English because Spanish feels better].

Well my Spanish isn´t the best ever, but sometimes i just really don´t want to speak English because I feel more comfortable in Spanish and there are words and things that I can express better in Spanish than in English.

My companion and I are working hard like crazy to find people who are prepared to hear the gospel. We had to drop some people who weren't progressing, which isn´t really that depressing because if you know they´re not ready the but thing for everyone is to move on.

By the way, something I learned is you know how Americans think British accents are the most attractive thing ever? Well, Mexicans think that American accents are the most attractive thing ever. The other day we were contacting and I was inviting the guy to baptism and he was like"mande" (significa como [which means], "say that again, I didn't hear you?"), because I still can't pronounce baptism right in Spanish and I was like "I´m so sorry I know I have an accent!" and he goes "No, your accent is really beautiful" and I was like "great, people can't understand a word I say, but at least I sound amazing"

Also, I have totally fallen in love with puppies and small dogs, but its kind of complicated when you´re trying to say a prayer with a family and a dog wont stop licking you.

We have one investigator who needs to quit smoking to get baptized, and I am so amazed at how easy its coming for him!  We were doing a thing where it was like okay, today 3 cigarettes, tomorrow 2, the day after 1 and so on and he´s been totally faithful to it!  The Lord is helping him so much!

I love this place so much. Everyone, keep up the missionary work!

Love you all,

Hermana Brooks

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