Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hiking "Cerro De La Silla"

Okay, hoy fuimos a [Today we went to]  Cerro de la Silla. [Cerro de la Silla is mountain peak that is very recognizable and associated with Monterrey.  You can see this mountain peak from anywhere in the valley where Monterrey is situated.]
and by that I mean my whole zone and I went to CERRO DE LA SILLA!!!!!!!!!!! And we literally hiked to the very top, like the very very top, to get any higher we´d have to climb the antenna.

This week has been hard, but we´re really doing all we can to find people prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to have baptisms every week, and we know it´s possible, so we´re kicking our butts trying to do the Lord´s work. Seriously, hiking Cerro de la Silla is way easier than the Lord´s work, because the reality is to do the Lord´s work you just need to swallow your pride and leave it to the Lord to do.

This is really wierd trying to think only en english.

No photos just because I don´t have time! Next week!  [ translation: The hike took up most of my P-day time. ]

Love you all! Go and do! (Nephi 3:7)

Hermana Brooks

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