Tuesday, April 22, 2014

La verdad [The truth], Mexico is just super awesome. We had a new investigator at church, he´s seventeen and he already goes to all the youth activities and it was so awesome to see him at church. His best friend wants to baptize him, which will be in one month, yay!

I love mexico. Like seriously, I can´t get over how much I love this place and the paople here are my favorite ever.

Since I´m training, and I´m still new to the mission, I end up calling my district lider[leader] like crazy, como[like], and how do i do this or how do i do that? 

Oh something else cool, we got a menos activo [less active] to listen to us, which was pretty great. His wife isn´t a member, and we´re going to start teaching her the gospel. He was telling us how he wants to get sealed to her and his daughter in the temple and all this stuff and I´m so excited!
Love you all! Hasten the work!

Hermana Brooks

p.s. this is me drinking a coke for the first time in mexico. IT TASTES SO MUCH BETTER HERE

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