Thursday, April 10, 2014


We had 2 baptisms this past week! Super amazingly fabulous! Our mission president and his wife came to the first one, which was pretty cool to see them.

The thing about missionary work is that we really do nothing. Seriously, this is the work of the Lord, and there is no one else who can do this work. Yesterday, we visited a less active and he was like, "When your eight year old daughter dies, then you can come and talk to me." and the truth is that we will never know how he feels, we will never know the pain that he went through, but Jesus Christ does. All we can do as missionaries is invite people to come unto Christ.

We were praying a lot this week to find families prepared for the gospel. We went to visit someone we contacted on the street the other day and this was our first lesson with her and her family. My companion says, "Okay, we´re going to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon" and they say "Hang on a second" and they go into another room and a minute later they come out with 2 books of mormon and a GIANT triplet. I was like, okay, the Spirit is right, they´re getting baptised.

We also found someone else who practically begged us to get baptised. 
Something I´ve really learned is that the Lord knows his sheep, He knows where they are, and He works harder than we do to bring them back into the fold.

By the way, you may have noticed the same person baptizing almost all of my converts. He isn´t a ward missionary or ward mission leader, he´s just a super amazing member missionary. When my companion and I visit the less actives, they´re always, "Oh yeah, we know him, he came and visited us" and literally investigator after investigator is like "I want him to baptize me". I encourage you all to be just like him!

By the way, it´s super common for mexicans to name their children after people in the book of mormon. There´s Nefi, Lehi, a lot of Mosiah,Jarom, Abish, Zarahemla, I´ve even seen a Moriancumor. I love mexico.


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