Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hermana Brooks - Senior Companion and Trainer

This past week has been CRAZY!

First, we went to Cerro de la Silla. I thought we were only going around the mountain, but no we went straight up to the top, and it was AMAZING!  So Cool!  And to think that we hiked that, wow.

Then that night, we had transfers. Being the end of my 12 week missionary training, it was pretty sure that I´d get a new companion, and when my district leader said, "Hermana Brooks, you're training", I literally screamed. 

The next day I went to the offices to learn a bit about my overwhelming responsibility and pick up my new "hija," [daugher - mission slang for a sister missionary who you have trained. ] Hermana Pérez. She´s from Oaxaca and has about 3 weeks total in her mission, I love her to shreads and we're already planning on rooming together at BYU after our missions, she just needs to learn to speak English first (she speaks less than my last companion, who didn´t speak English either).

We also got Elderes in our ward, which means we had to split the area and now our area is a whole lot smaller, which is nice because it means not as much walking. I love having elders! The one thing that´s annoying is that we can´t call each other to pass references or other things like that so we have to go through our district leader almost every day. Pobrecito. [Poor guy.]

I love the work here! Everyone needs to just do everything they can to share the Gospel, it´s the greatest thing ever.

Love you all! Les amo!

Hermana Julie Brooks

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