Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another amazing week in Mexico

Last week, we started teaching this guy who no joke was a referencia [referral] of a referencia of a referencia. He is so amazing!  After about 10 min, we were filling out the registro of bautismo and confirmacion [Recommend for Baptism and Confirmation]. He came to church all by himself yesterday, early! and he brought his Book of Mormon and folleto [pamphlet] we gave him. We´re super excited for his baptismo [baptism].

Yesterday one of our investigators was telling us about how she and her family sometimes don't have enough money for food and after our visit with her, someone came by and gave her and her family food, and then after they left, someone else came by and gave them more food! She was crying as she was telling us, "I know the church is true!"

I love being here, the people are so amazing. The members are pretty great too.

God really knows and loves all his children. Por ejemplo [For example], we went to visit a less active, and we asked if we could sing her a hymn. The Spirit told me to pick How great thou art, and I had no idea about this, but it was her favorite hymn. She started crying.

I love the work!

Hermana Brooks

[Julie also found this picture that made her think of Tiffany.]

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