Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Arrived in Mexico!

Hola! ¿como estan? this keyboard is different.

I arrived in Mexico at about 5 or 6 ayer (yesterday). I don´t know my new companion, I´ll meet her in an hour or so. I don´t even know her name. 

By the way, I´m having Costco pizza for lunch, and I had Costco for breakfast, and lasagna last night. We´re REALLY Mexican here in Mexico.

La noche pasada (last night), the hermanas and I stayed at our Mission President's house. It was really nice. It´s so cold here in Monterrey, it was 1 degree out this morning, which is REALLY cold in Monterrey.

By the way, my Mission president and his wife have been serving for 18 months and the hermanas and I are the last group of missionaries who will have them for our whole missions! They´re super amazing. 

My Preparation dia (day) is on Monday, except once every transfer we use Monday to go to the temple - on those days my Preparation dia is Wednesday. This should happen once every six weeks.
They gave us the low down on mail last night. If you send anything to Mexico, put a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on it. Mexicans think if your mail is holy its bad luck to open it. Also, if you send a package, you have to write on the outside whats in it but BE VAGUE. For example, instead of saying, "a skirt, candy, etc..." say something like "missionary supplies" because you do not want someone looking at it thinking, "Oh, my wife could use a skirt or I would like some candy," ¿entiende? (Understand?)

Mexico is amazing, like unbelievable. I can´t wait to email you again. 

I love you all, and yes I´m safe.

Les Amo mucho!!!!

Hermana Brooks

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